Saturday, 26 April 2014

Baidu is doing well in Search Engine World

The china based internet search engine “Baidu” has announced its profits in first quarter in this year. The “Baidu” has beat the expectations because according to the search engine world the “Baidu” is only marked the news as it is the stable search engine with good financial results but the “Baidu” announced that it is not stable it is growing its revenue at high speed. According to the results announced by the “Baidu” the growth in revenue is 59.1% is increased from the last year.

Presently there are 446,000 active internet users which are accessing the “Baidu” for various searches. The Founder chairman Robin Li has expressed his views on getting profits, He said the “Baidu” will focus on other areas such as growing “Baidu” in other services like location based services. And he also said that the mobile is another part in success of our “Baidu” because there are large numbers of mobile users and Robin Li also said that he expected to continue to focus on mobile related searches.  
China is rapidly going growth in using the smart phones by every user so the china popular search engine “Baidu” plays important role in smart phones by providing the better search results for the users in china. “Baidu” has good market also in desktop searches but in mobile searches as Robin Li expressed his views that our search engine “Baidu” will now focus on mobiles. “Baidu” has proved the best search engine in china and from the past 14 years the Baidu is growing well in search engine world.

According to “Baidu” it was founded in the year 2000 by “Robin Li & Eric Xu. This internet search engine has headquarters in Beijing, China and it is served its services world wide and users will get results in Chinese language. According to alexa world rankings “Baidu” occupies has in 5th place and according to alexa china rankings “Baidu” occupies 1st rank. There are many search engines in the internet world but “Baidu” has its unique name providing the services in Chinese language is one of the best part and it  is used by majority users in china. 

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Thursday, 17 April 2014

Play Youtube,Vimeo and other online videos in VLC media player

VLC (Video LAN Client) is the media player which supports WMV, Mpeg, Divx; MKV etc are the codec which are supported by the vlc media player. The most of the internet users are like to play their videos using this vlc media player because of the clarity provide by the vlc media player the every user want to play the movies or songs in vlc media player.  I have also made the video about the trick so you can follow the video below in the post.

Follow the below instructions to play the videos in vlc media player:

First open YouTube
Type the name of the song or video you want to play it in vlc.

After that click the video

Copy the URL link from the address bar

Now close or stop the video in the YouTube

Open VLC -> Press CTRL+N from the keyboard

And past it in the bar and click play the video

Now you can successfully view the video without any disturbances.

Follow the above instructions to play the vimeo and other online videos also I hope you got it my point. Just paste the URL of the video if you want to play the video from any online site or YouTube or vimeo.

How VLC plays the videos?

VLC uses the perfect method of tracking the videos using link provided. By entering the link it using the network to search and within seconds the VLC tracks the video and plays within seconds. You can watch any video file I mean if the size is more or less you can watch any file I never tried live video if it is played or not but I think those live videos are also played using VLC media player.

Above is the video demonstration about how to play online videos using url in VLC media player.
This is the gangnamstyle i played this youtube video in VlC media player

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Thursday, 27 March 2014

Oculus the virtual reality company joins Facebook acquisition list

Facebook again in the name in the tech news, now the Facebook buys the oculus is the virtual reality company and on March 25th Facebook as announced this news. Facebook buys oculus for $2 billion. The deals which include in this agreement are $1.6 billion in shared in Facebook stock and Facebook going to pay $300 as cash. Presently oculus running its operations from its headquarters in the Irvine, calif but after buying there is so change so the oculus going to run its company operations from the same headquarters location.

What Facebook expect from oculus?

According to mark zuckerberg the CEO of Facebook has expressed his views on buying this virtual realty company that “The virtual reality can make good sound in future technology like the change from personal computers to mobile devices or smart phones or Iwatches the virtual reality also going to cover all the technical gadgets in future as markzucker berg says and he also said that according to oculus it is not just a virtual reality service which provide for its users it is the great one which can remember our memories  and experiences which we share with our friends in online ways”.  Facebook uses oculus virtual reality help in various ways like implementing its technology for entertainment, media, communications and other ways which require the virtual reality. 


Oculus is the virtual reality company founded by the Palmer Luckey. According to the founder Palmer Luckey he loves virtual reality so from the age of 15 he concentrated on developing the virtual reality technology. Palmer begins to develop his own headsets at the age of 16. Presently the Facebook wants to gain the virtual reality technology so they buy the oculus company for $2 billion. We see how Facebook take the advantage of oculus virtual reality technology. 

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Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Sony want to create own android based os for its smart watch

The world is presently running with smart technology so every user wants to turn into smart i.e. the companies also focus on special os based smart watches especially Sony is one of the tech giant which has good name in the market. Sony is the gadget giant which releases the various gadgets in the market with different looks. Presently it also wanted to release the smart watch for its users which is based on its own android based os. This is the news confirmed officially by the Ravi Nookala reveal this news in Cnet interview. Ravi Nookala is the Sony head (US) of mobile operations has said that the Sony now will focus on own android based os for its smart watch.
As he also told that we are expecting the good results because we are already invested time and other resources on this so the upcoming smart watch will hit the market without using Google’s android wear. According to Sony they want to focus on their own android based os to reach the people with its attractive gadgets. This smart watch includes its own app store and supports android based os.   While other tech giants Motorola has already announced the MOTO 360 and LG has announced the G watch are based on android wear os.  Samsung previously running the tizen os for its wearable devices but now they turn into android wear.

What is Google’s Android Wear?

The Search engine giant (Google) has announced the android wear in the last week i.e. on March 18(2014). This android wear is specially designed for the wearable devices i.e. for smart watches. The other tech giants Samsung, Motorola, LG, and HTC etc are also partners of this project so these tech giants going to release the smart watches or other wearable devices which are based on Google’s android wear.  This android based os is officially called “Android Wear” which was designed and developed by the Google.  

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Sunday, 23 March 2014

Google Adsense Enables EFT For Indian publishers

Google adsense is one of the best ad networks for every blogger or website owners because the Google adsense pays high cpm and cpc for its users. This is the good news for the bloggers who use adsense in their sites because now Google adsense going to send the money through EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer) for its publishers. So the publishers can easily send their money to their bank accounts via Electronic Fund Transfer is the option available in the Google adsense dashboard.

Previously adsense EFT is available for the countries which are in this list. But from now the Indian will also join into the adsense EFT eligible countries list. 
To choose EFT you must follow the below instructions:

Ø  First you should have Indian bank and payment address.
Ø  Minimum withdrawal for EFT is 100$ so you should have 100$ to withdraw your money to your bank account. And by this EFT the small amount is deducted as fee.
Ø  And another important is you adsense account must enable once for pin and direct method.

Why Google Adsense Decided to pay by EFT?

According to Indian adsense publishers are receiving their money through cheque but due to problems such as the cheque will send through speed post or through bluedart courier. But the 2 options taking large process and the quality adsense publishers are loosing their hopes I mean the bloggers who want to earn the money through adsense lose their hopes when the adsense pays by cheque because the cheque is not properly delivered to the publishers address so due to this issue the Google adsense decided to pay its Indian publishers by EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer).


By This EFT there may be large hopes for every blogger who use adsense in their website because they can have the guarantee of getting their money into their bank without any problems.  In the next article I will write about advantages and disadvantages of enable of EFT for Indian adsense publishers.


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Friday, 14 March 2014

View Background photos of Facebook and Other social media sites

Facebook, other social networking sites ruling the world with their extraordinary features. Social networking sites are just not a part of our daily life but it also connects the people to the world. The article is mainly about how to view the background photos of social networking sites like Facebook and tumblr and you can also include in other social networking sites or other sites which you want to view the background of the website.

This code is also known for many people but to know very closer to the people who don’t know iam explaining it. So this code is also used to remove the particular window from the website. The above are the steps you should follow to view the background photos without disturbances.

è First go to the
è Select the signup box in the Facebook and right click and select inspect element option.
è The window in the in the footer bar will popup.
è Search for this code.<div class=”_5bgy”>

Next in right side box
Write this 

Now you can view the background photos of your friends or others. And you can also view your photo if it is avilable in the background photos in facebook.

The above video demonstrates how you can view the background photos in Facebook. 
The above is the screen shot of the Facebook after applying the code it looks like this ...

This code also works with all formats I mean if you want to delete any window item in your item or to view the other social networking backgrounds just type this code. In my opinion and also in my friends opinion it is short trick but every thing in internet is useful today. So you may also view the other social networking sites such as twitter, tumblr, flicker and other blogs etc. I think Facebook does not display every time this background photos but when you sign-out from your Facebook account this trick may get successfully executed

This is Tumblr blog screenshot after removing signup box.

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Thursday, 13 March 2014

I wont support my OS says Microsoft

This is the bad news for windows xp lovers and users who use windows xp.Windowsxp is one of the userfriendly operatign system from microsoft. As this news was announcedin microsoft offical website. Windows xp was released with gui in the year 2001. After the realease the large copies  have sold around the world wide.   Microsoft wants to end the support for windows xp to low share in the market and also to increase the populairty to their upcoming opering systems.

What happen when windows support ends?

This question arises to every windows xp users by this news. You can also use the windows xp even the support ends but the security problems may become closer to you so the dirty virus may effect your data. The main thing is every software which is released in the market from now or afterwords the windows xp will not be listed in the software requirements list .So the users who are using windows xp should shift their windows xp to windows 7 or windows 8. 

windows xp support will not available for upcoming software releases

In india especially the windows xp users are high because of it support and its sentiment attach every user who uses windows xp. Even i use windows xp till now but due to security issues we should shift windows xp to other windows os. To increase the sales of other operating system and also to increase the populairty of their os all around the world microsoft have decided to end it support in the month of april(2014).  The windows xp is used in majority net  cafes in india and also in popular IT companies and also in educational insitutions.   As we know every invention will extend to other important featured devices so if not windows xp there is windows 7 and also windows 8 and many more other operating system which covers all features of users today.  Thanks to windows xp operating system for supporting the pc users.

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